Membership NFT - CorgiAI VIP Pass

Introducing our CorgiAI VIP Pass – a celebration of our vibrant community and a unique opportunity to engage with our ecosystem! These NFTs are not just beautiful digital collectibles; they hold the key to unlock an entire ecosystem of exclusive benefits. Immerse yourself in a world of VIP giveaways, early access to groundbreaking AI tools, and exclusive NFT mints.

With a total supply of 2000 NFTs, this collection is our way of giving back to our amazing community. As a valued member, you have the chance to mint up to 2 NFTs each. For those not on the allowlist, fear not! You can still stand a chance to get a hold of these NFTs during the public mint. However, keep in mind that the mint will be on a first come, first serve basis. So make sure to act swiftly and get on our allowlist by checking out the campaigns on our Twitter!

Become a member of our CorgiAI social club now as we unlock a world of possibilities.

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