Who we are

Our members are the heart and soul of the club. Each and every one of you is instrumental in the continued growth and success of the club - and you have all been chosen because you embody the following spirit:


As a member of the CorgiAI Social Club, you are a true creative, pursuing your goals. With AI, we aim to create the most innovative products that showcase the creativity and diversity of our breed. We will, as a club, push the boundaries of creativity.


We encourage corgis to engage in intellectual and philosophical discussions that challenge their minds and broaden their horizons. We believe that corgis are not just cute and fluffy, but also capable of deep thinking and analysis.

Fun and Outgoing

Most importantly, the club is a place for all of us to unwind and vibe after a hard day of work - our parties are attended by the coolest corgis - You, who share our passion for sophistication and fun.

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