Risk Disclosures

Always consult your own advisors concerning the legal and tax implications and for any other advice you may need related to your use of the CorgiAI platform and any CorgiAI tokens (“$CORGIAI”).

Purchasing or staking any $CORGIAI involves an element of risk and may lead to the loss of a part or the whole of the principal amount or deposit advanced. Before purchasing or staking any $CORGIAI, diligently and thoroughly assess and consider the risks, including but not limited to the risks identified below, and decide whether purchasing or staking any $CORGIAI would be in line with your risk profile and risk appetite.

This Document does not constitute a prospectus and does not constitute an offer of financial instruments and/or securities to the public or any offer in any way connected to a collective investment scheme. This Document, the $CORGIAI and the use, holding and trading of the $CORGIAI carry no rights, whether express or implied, $CORGIAI do not represent or confer any ownership rights, shares, securities or equivalent rights, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation relating to the token’s issuer or the CorgiAI team (the “Issuer”). This Document is only up-to-date as of the date of publication, and we make no representation that the information it contains is accurate or complete subsequent to its date of publication.

Crypto assets are not regulated as financial instruments and there is no refund or compensation available from any regulatory bodies. $CORGIAI do not give the holder thereof any entitlement to acquire any such interest or entitlement in respect of the Issuer. Furthermore, the Issuer is not obliged in any way to return any investment made in $CORGIAI. THE UTILITY OF $CORGIAI OR OF THE PROJECT DESCRIBED IN THIS DOCUMENT ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE DELIVERED.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of risk factors to consider in relation to trading and/or using $CORGIAI and otherwise participating in the project. These risks should be taken into consideration alongside all other information provided in the Document and participants are recommended to seek advice from their professional advisers (including their financial, accounting, legal, tax, or technical advisers or experts). Risks include, without limitation:

  • Partial or total loss of the invested amount;

  • Extreme volatility with respect to market behaviour, market forces, transaction parameters and value attributed to virtual assets;

  • Market misconduct by participants, including, without limitation, market manipulation, trading on the basis of non-public information, and front running;

  • Denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, spoofing, smurfing, virus attacks and any other similar events against the tokens or the underlying technology;

  • Security flaws, defects, vulnerabilities, hacks, exploits, errors, changes, incompatibility or unforeseen circumstances affecting the token’s smart contract, the project’s website or the technology which the project depends on;

  • Delisting or a collapse in liquidity with respect to the tokens;

  • Counterparty risk;

  • Decentralisation, including decentralised decision-making;

  • Loss or compromisation of private keys;

  • Regulatory uncertainty, changes and enforcement action against certain tokens, projects or persons involved in crypto activities, including, without limitation, the prohibition of digital assets in certain jurisdictions;

  • Internet transmission risks, failure of hardware or failure of software or other technologies on which the tokens and project may rely; and

  • Delays in or complete failure of virtual asset transactions being confirmed.

This list of potential risks is not exhaustive and is not intended to capture the extent of all possible risks. In the event of any of the above occurring, you may lose your virtual assets entirely. Participants should consider all of the above and assess the nature of, and their own appetite for relevant risks independently and consult their own professional advisers before making any decisions to participate in the project. PARTICIPANTS INTERACT WITH THE PROJECT AT THEIR OWN RISK. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU NOT TO PURCHASE OR STAKE ANY $CORGIAI IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN ABOUT ANYTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT OR IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO LOSE THE MONEY YOU SPENT PURCHASING OR STAKING $CORGIAI.

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